JP Soars and The Red Hots Nov.18, 2017

Some performers are just mesmerizing to ‘watch. JP Soars is one of those.

JP Soars

He’s not a particularly tall man, or physically imposing. He isn’t flamboyant in his movements or his speech. But on stage, with his excellent drummer (Chris Peet) and bassist (Fredrick Cleveland), he consumes your attention. Playing that red guitar or one of the cigar box guitars he and his brother make, mixing vocals and instrumentals, and even occasionally hitting the bass drum using a foot pedal or shaking a  rattle, he is in constant yet controlled motion. He gives brief introductions to the songs but keeps things moving along. The music is a wild mix of originals and covers, ranging from rockabilly to gypsy to blues and even surf and punk influences.


On this night, he had to replace a string, and while he replaced it, the Red Hots kept the audience fully engaged with what seemed to be an impromptu drum and bass jam.

For his part, Soars played a rousing version of “Caravan” with a little bit of “Sweet Georgia Brown” in the middle. He played his own “Missin’ Your Kissin'” and “Viper” as well as  Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Gangster Of Love.”

The whole night was amazing. JP Soars and The Red Hots are fantastic entertainers who always deliver a solid show.  Kudos to them and to Darwin’s Burgers and Blues for a wonderful evening!


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