An artist to watch: Cody Matlock at Darwin’s, Sandy Springs GA, Dec. 30, 2017

Let’s talk about Cody Matlock.

There he is, on the stage at Darwin’s. two days after his 22nd birthday. He’s already a seasoned performer. His dad hauled him around to play Atlanta clubs when he was 13 We first saw him at 16, when he seemed shy on stage and didn’t sing much, just letting his already amazing guitar playing speak for him. Now, how different this confident, funny, brilliant singer, musician, and bandleader seems!

On this day, Cody and the band have the largest crowd they have ever had at Darwin’s. where Cody plays every Thursday. The place is packed with mostly 20-somethings. With Robert and Bandon Boone on bass and drums, Michael Westbrooks (with his irresistible grin) on keyboards, Tony Erice on bongos and extra-special guest Truett Lollis adding his guitar to Cody’s, the sound is amazing. Cody and the gang easily handle blues, soul, funk, and R’nB with ease and enthusiasm. They play original tunes like “Get Up and Do Your Thing” and Cody sings and plays awesome covers like one of my favorite songs, Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home to Me” and a spine-tingling version of “Purple Rain.” He says that one is for his mom, who is at the show.

Cody has promised my husband and me that when he is playing large venues and amphitheaters, he will “hook us up.” I have always believed in his talent, his determination, and that those combined with good looks and charm would take him far. That is why I included him (and Truett) in my book, Southern Crossroads: Georgia Blues As he is now playing all the major Atlanta clubs, I expect that to happen any day and I fully intend to hold him to it.In the meantime, Saturday at Darwin’s, he and The Mothership put on a show on a par with any I’ve ever seen.

Cody  Matlock