Celebrating with The Rockaholics at Darwin’s in Sandy Springs

Lisa Kitchens

The Rockaholics are a very popular group around Atlanta, and performing with  Lisa Kitchens, they are not only incredibly talented but so much fun! Saturday, they were celebrating Lisa’s birthday, and they were just unstoppable. When we left at 11;30, after a jam-filled version of  “Wang Dang Doodle,” they were still going strong after 2 hours without a break. Lola Gulley brought her cake to the stage so she could blow out th candles in the middle of a song!

Lisa obviously does not have to worry about birthday, as she looks the sam now as she did when we met her 12 years ago. She looked but sexy and adorable in her little football jersey-dress.  Rather than try to tell you all about the show, I want to share a little bit of it with you. It won’t let ne embed this, but click on the  Warch on Facebook link below to see Lisa and The Rockaholics in action!:

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