Thrifty Reading: Free and Cheap Books

I love to read, and because of that, I love my Kindle. My eyes aren’t oo great, so I like being able to adjust the text size,. I also love that eBooks do not add to the many boxes full of books I have in m \y house.

Because I am also thrifty,, I have been delighted to discover that there are many free books available for Kindle. This is true even if you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, but if you do, there are even more books you can read for free. Kindle Unlimited lets you have 10 books at a time. You can keep them as long as you like, but once you have 10, you have to return one. There is a charge for Kindle Unlimited which works out to about $10 a month, so it probably depends on how quickly you read whether it is worth it to you or not. (I do have it.)

Here, I will tell you about free and cheap books I either am reading or want o read. Most of them will be eBooks and I will give you Amazon links because I am an Amazon associate and there will be some affiliate links. I may also sometimes tell you about cheap books I find at Dollar Tree that are actual ink and paper Books. This may be rare, but then again I found two in December, one by my favorite author, Mercedes Lackey, and one that was Mick Fleetwood’s autobiography.

There may be other ads on the page that are not for free and cheap books., so be aware of them.

So get ready to read!